Вражеские военные сигналы

Дата: 07/08/2007
Тема: Полезно

Врага надо знать в лицо. И его сигналы.
Да и наши сигналы частично похожи. Вдруг пригодится?

I Think I Saw Something

Did You Mean Me?

Looks Clear - No Need To Be Quiet


I'm Having A Hard Time Seeing Very Far Without My Glasses

Aim for The Ass

I Can't Reach This Pocket (assistance requested)

I Have Been Hit (showing approximate size of hole)

Something's Wrong With My Gun (repeat gesture to add "..again!" to indicate frustration)

This is My Stop

Shut Up A Second

My Battery Died

Jesus Christ they're Shooting at us!

Be Quiet for Once In Your Goddamned Lives, Already

I Need More Ammo




Bearded Thug




Big Tits

Boyish, Hairless Male



Shit, I Think He Was On Our Side

He'll Be Out In A Minute

I Missed Because My Sights Are Off

Sorry, My Fault

My (Fogged-up) Goggles need a Wipe

I Brought the Wrong Ammo Again

This is what I think of your Opinion

They Haven't Got A Chance

They May Have A Chance

We haven't Got A Chance

You First

There's No Way I'm Going In There

We're Outta Here

Stay In Front of Me Where It's Safe

Are there Two Teams, or what?<

This Gear is Heavy, My Lower Back Could Use a Massage

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